Bathurst Water Filtration Plant upgrade – Manganese removal

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year of project


Contract value

$5.5 million


Bathurst Regional Council

Project Manager

NSW Department of Public Works

Principal Contractor:

Bathurst Water Filtration Plant Upgrade Manganese Removal (3)

Eodo upgraded the Bathurst Regional Councils Water Filtration Plant to remove naturally occurring manganese which was discolouring the city’s water supply.

The upgrade was the Filtration Plant’s biggest capital works program in 20 years. The chair of Greening Bathurst, Ashley Bland, said at the time:

“It’s good to know that it’s gone to a local firm. Eodo are good guys and will keep the money in the community. So that’s terrific.”

As the principal contractor, Eodo was responsible for all elements of the project including design, construction, installation, and testing. The scope included:

  • Liquid caustic soda storage and dosing system including heated storage tanks, caustic heating systems and insulated dosing delivery pipework
  • Liquid Sodium hypochlorite storage tanks , dosing pumps, control and pipework systems
  • Liquid Alum storage tanks , dosing pumps, control and pipework systems
  • Upgrades to the controls ,valving and pipework within the existing Water filtration plant
  • Access roads to service tanker deliveries to the new chemical storage building
  • Design and Construction of concrete buildings to house the Chemical storage tanks , dosing systems and control and electrical power systems
  • All associated electrical, mechanical, and civil works

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